AdventHealth doctors answer Back-to-School questions from parents

Doctors said it's important for parents to set the example when it comes to masks

Pediatricians: COVID-19 risks too high for some Florida schools to reopen on time

ORLANDO, Fla. – Doctors at AdventHealth held a briefing on Thursday to talk about the importance of social distancing and masking for students and teachers for the new school year.

"We know that a mask is 70 percent effective of keeping out the virus sort of speak," Dr. Tim Hendrix explained.

Hendrix said masks are key to preventing transmission of COVID-19 and recommended that students and teachers should wear a mask in the classroom.

"Teachers and kids will have to adjust and I think it's still having that interaction is still valuable with the student and the classroom although it may be a little different," Hendrix said.

One parent asked if school classrooms are any safer or more dangerous.

“Because of the option of virtual learning and hybrid learning, a lot of kids are not in the brick-and-mortar classrooms meaning that there are opportunities for classrooms to space out their desks,” Dr. Sarah Li said.

Li is with AdventHealth Medical Group Pediatrics at Winter Garden.

Doctors said it's important for parents to set the example when it comes to masks and educating them on social distancing and frequent hand washing.

"It's setting example a matter of setting those rules at home that if the parent is going and encouraging when they go out ..everyone is wearing their masks," Hendrix said.

Temperature screenings were another recommendation health officials said parents should stay on top of.

“90 percent of people that have COVID-19 that have symptoms will have a fever that is predominant symptom,” Hendrix explained.

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