Alabama man wakes up to find alligator in pool

An Alabama man is saying “see you later alligator” after he woke up and found one in his swimming pool.

It was a pool party for one at this home in West Mobile, Alabama.

"What in the blue blazes is this?" said the homeowner Steven Mculland in a video.

Yeah, that's an alligator swimming laps in Mculland's pool.

"I took my glasses off and looked around and made sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, and I was," Mculland said. "I am flabbergast. You own an alligator, and you missing one, he in the backyard in my pool. Come get it. Thank you."

Mculland rightfully spooked by the sight, reacting like many would to the gator, which uses water to snap up its prey.

"I been looking around seeing how he got in there and there's nothing so he must've climbed in," Mculland said.

The homeowner said he’s going to think twice before taking a dip in his pool next time.