Celebration of life held for Army vet, father killed by COVID-19

51-year-old Michael Moore received convalescent plasma treatment, spent 17 days in hospital

News 6 first learned about 51-year-old Michael Moore in mid-July.

Moore’s family spoke out about the importance of donating convalescent plasma while he was on a ventilator with coronavirus. After 17 days in the hospital, Moore lost his battle with the virus.

“I told him it was OK to let go because we’d be OK and that no matter what he’d always be my No. 1 hero,” said daughter Kaitlyn Moore.

Nicole Mansini Moore said her husband was a kind and happy man.

“He was the kind of guy to give you the shirt off his back... he lit up a room and you could hear his laugh from a mile away,” Nicole Mansini Moore said.

Nicole Mansini Moore said seeing her husband was devastating.

“That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Put on the PPE, the goggles, the suit, go in there and not be able to touch him or feel him,” Nicole Mansini Moore said. “I told him that I love him and I was lucky to have been able to love him for as long as I did. I promised I would take care of his girls and his mom.”

The celebration of life for the Army veteran, father, proud grandfather and husband was held virtually Tuesday for family and friends. Moore leaves behind a wife, a son and two daughters who said their final goodbyes.

"We love him and I'm just so blessed that he tried so hard to keep fighting. We know he tried really hard and we love him," said daughter Christine Fraser.

Although treatments like convalescent plasma didn't work for Moore, his family is still thankful for the nurses who stood by his side during the fight.

“I just thank them from the bottom of my heart because, as a nurse, I know you get attached to your patient. I just thank them. Nurses I know are working longer shifts and putting their lives at risk. They just want to make sure their patients are OK,” Fraser said.

Michael Moore’s family is still advocating, for anyone who is able, to donate convalescent plasma to help save others.

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