Orange County parents say second day of LaunchEd learning was smoother

District makes adjustments after first day glitches

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County Public Schools said they made adjustments after day one of all students using the LaunchEd platform in hopes that the second day would go smoother for families.

“We really think that we’ve worked really hard on addressing a lot of those access issues that we can control. We are now seeing a shift to now issues around, not really performance, per se, but were seeing now a shift towards issues around components of the systems their accessing,” said Maurice Draggon, Orange County Public Schools senior director of digital learning.

Draggon said the district has made adjustments after some of the issues that occurred Monday with the launch of the learning platform.

He said some of the issues they encountered yesterday had to do with logging in to the launch pad itself, slowness with the learning management system and issues with video conferencing.

Additionally, Draggon said that Monday they had estimated about 4,000 teachers would be using video conferencing at the same time, but instead, said they saw about 6,000.

Draggon said they have since made changes to accommodate the higher numbers.

One OCPS parent, James Dawson, said he saw login problems with his daughter’s class. He said day one there were only about seven kids in the class and said by day two the numbers were higher.

Dawson said day two with the LaunchEd platform went smoother.

He said his daughter had issues signing into her first class on Monday.

“She was never able to get into her first period PE yesterday, but she was able to get in today, eventually,” Dawson said.

Draggon said the issues the district is now seeing, is that once students are logged in, some of the apps aren’t working the way they’re supposed to. It’s something he said they are fine tuning.

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