Report: 12-year-old plays with Nerf gun in virtual class, school calls cops

Student suspended for 5 days

Heads up, parents: Your child’s Nerf gun at home could get them in hot water while participating in virtual school.

On the third day of virtual learning in August, a Colorado Springs, Colorado, seventh grader picked up his toy gun during a virtual class and the school called police, according to the KDVR.

Isaiah Elliot was reportedly seen flashing a toy gun on the screen during his art class, and his teacher informed the school’s principal about the incident.

The student was suspended for five days and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office was called to conduct a welfare check before the boy’s parents were notified.

“If her main concern was his safety, a two-minute phone call to me or my husband could easily have alleviated this whole situation to where I told them it was fake,” said Isaiah’s mom, Dani Elliott.

According to the KDVR, the toy gun was black and green with “Zombie Hunter” on the side.

In a sheriff’s report obtained by KDVR, the teacher “said she assumed it was a toy gun but was not certain.”

Isaiah’s parents were able to view the class video because it had been recorded by the school and shown to them by a sheriff’s deputy.

The video shows Isaiah pick up the toy gun on his right side and move it to his left at which point the teacher and students see it move across the screen, KDVR said.

The school released a statement saying, “Privacy laws prevent us from sharing students’ personal information which includes disciplinary action,” the statement reads. “We follow all school board policies whether we are in-person learning or distance learning. We take the safety of all our students and staff very seriously. Safety is always our No. 1 priority.”