Orange County Schools to feature quarantine numbers on dashboard

More than 900 students asked to quarantine

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Due to the ongoing pandemic, some Central Florida school districts unveiled online COVID-19 dashboards to track positive novel coronavirus cases and to allow users to filter infections among students and staff.

During Monday’s Orange County news briefing Dr. Raul Pino with the Florida Department of Health challenged speculation there is a high infection rate in schools due to COVID-19

“People could argue that there is a high number of individuals in quarantine an isolation I would like people to remember we have a student population of over 200,000,” Dr. Pino said.

Scott Howat with Orange County public schools said the district launched a dashboard and said they are still working to include a quarantine feature online, but provided the latest numbers.

“Our last count from the department of health said we were at 988 students,” Howat said.

Howat said that is the total number of students who have been told to quarantine since classrooms reopened district-wide, he said 134 staff members have been asked to quarantine.

“Occasionally there is going to have to be a time when we pivot not only for the safety of our students but for the safety of our community,” Howat said.

Orange County School District announced they were putting their COVID-19 response plan into action on Friday and temporarily closing West Orange high school and pivoting students to LaunchEd.

On the same day, the plan went into effect students enrolled at Olympia high school and opted for face-to-face instruction returned to campus after two weeks of quarantine.

“We certainly feel for parents that are in difficult situations, but when it comes to this, fortunately, it’s been our highschool students that have had to pivot,” Howat said.

Orange County school district is expected to include the quarantine feature online this week.

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