Mount Dora voters to see mayor term limit charter amendment on November ballot

Proposed changes address term of office for mayor, district representatives


MOUNT DORA, Fla. – Voters in Mount Dora will have an opportunity to decide whether or not to extend the term for its mayors and other district representatives.

The issue will be on the November ballot, asking voters if they’d like to amend Section 12 of the city’s charter and split into two portions.

Mayor, representative term limits

The first proposal will ask voters to change the term of office for mayor, district representatives and the at-large representative to four years. This issue was raised by the Mount Dora Charter Review Committee with the notion that these representatives should serve term limits that match up with Lake County Commissioners and Lake County Constitutional Officers.

Currently, such roles in Mount Dora serve two-year terms.

If the ballot question passes, the committee has worked out a transition period. The mayor and representatives of Districts 1, 4 and 5 shall be elected for a three-year term starting in 2021. Then the referendum will take full effect in 2024 with all representatives and the mayor serving for four years.

The representatives of District 2 and District 3 as well as the at-large representative will be elected for four-year terms starting in 2022.

If voters select yes, the transition period will take effect after the next election period. If no, the mayor and all other representatives will continue serving two-year terms.

Max term limits

The second issue in regards to Section 12 of Mount Dora’s charter will address term limits.

According to the city, there are no specifications that limit how many terms a person may serve as the mayor or representative.

The proposed change would limit the number of consecutive years the mayor, all-district representatives and the at-large representative can hold the same position.

For now, the proposal suggests eight consecutive years to be the limit.

The suggested referendum clarifies that the time served by a person appointed or elected to fill the remainder of a vacant position won’t be included in the eight-year limitation.

Voting yes would adopt the proposal to limit terms to eight consecutive years. A vote of no would reject the proposal and not outline term limits for the mayor, all-district representatives and the at-large representative within the city’s charter.

For more information and to see the City of Mount Dora addressed frequently asked questions regarding the proposals, click here.

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