Carnival could resume Port Canaveral cruises in November

Cruise line announces remaining 2020 cruises cancelled everywhere but Miami, Port Canaveral

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – After half a year without Port Canaveral’s biggest moneymaker, at least one cruise line could be back in business in November.

Carnival cruises from all United States ports are now canceled through the end of the year, except at the two busiest ports - Miami and Port Canaveral.

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Since the port’s shutdown in March, tens of millions of dollars were lost and four out of ten jobs working for the Canaveral Port Authority were eliminated.

If Carnival returns in just a few more weeks, Rich Hensel said the three restaurants he owns at the port would get back to making millions.

After closing for two months, Hensel reopened Rising Tide.

“We desperately need to get these cruise ships up and running again even if it’s only at 50 percent,” Hensel said. “Port Canaveral is the second-largest cruise ship port in the world so it’s time to get us back on the map as well,” he continued.

The CDC’s no sail order could have recently extended into 2021, but the White House blocked that from happening.

So for right now, the no sail order continues through Halloween.

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