Orlando police officer accused of breaking into ex-fiancée’s apartment

Victim had bruises on her arms, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando Police Department officer broke into his ex-fiancée’s apartment while she was with a man who was forced to hide in the closet, according to the agency.

Records show on Nov. 22, the victim was at her apartment with a male colleague at about 1:30 a.m. “talking and drinking wine” when they started to hear noises downstairs and then heard the deadbolt unlock.

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The victim had a feeling it was her ex-fiancée, 34-year-old Ahmad Abu-Soud, breaking in so she told the man she was with to hide in her closet because she feared Abu-Soud would get violent if he saw the other man, according to the report.

While the man was in the closet, police said the victim put her weight against the master bedroom door so Abu-Soud wouldn’t be able to get in but he was still able to get through.

Abu-Soud then ran toward the closet while yelling, “Who’s there, who’s there” and at the same time, the victim jumped on his back to try to stop him, records show. She said she could feel his off-duty firearm on his waistband, according to the affidavit.

Police said the two struggled outside the closet as the victim begged for Abu-Soud to leave and said she would call 911. He then grabbed her phone and the two fought for it, according to authorities.

Records show the two struggled over a shirt that was on a chair and at that point, the victim started screaming for help then Abu-Soud hugged the victim and left without saying anything.

Abu-Soud is accused of throwing the victim’s phone against a stair railing when she asked for it back and throwing a key to her apartment, which he wasn’t supposed to have, as he was leaving.

Officers said when the victim reported the incident on Sunday, they could see signs of damage to her door and bruises on her arms “as if someone forcibly held her.”

The victim said she and Abu-Soud were in a romantic relationship for three years but broke up one or two months ago. She said their relationship was initially fine but things got bad during their five-month engagement, which she believed was due in part to his family and cultural beliefs and the fact that he was supposed to be in an arranged marriage.

Abu-Soud was arrested Monday morning on charges of armed burglary of a dwelling with a firearm, tampering with a witness and domestic violence battery.

He has been relieved of duty with pay. He has been with the Orlando Police Department since February 2018 and doesn’t have any prior discipline on his record, officials said.

“The Orlando Police Department holds its officers to the highest standards of conduct, on or off-duty. Any behavior to the contrary will be investigated, and those found in violation will be disciplined,” the department said.