‘Get out the house quick before all of us die:’ 5-year-old helps save family from burning Florida home

Family lost everything in fire, mother says

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Five-year-old Jordan Bogart stood at the front of his home Wednesday, just five days after he escaped with his mom and little sister from a fire that destroyed it.

“We were just kind of cuddling, I was kind of dozing. He got up to go get some water and he heard the fire pop,” Ashley Godfrey, Jordan’s mom said.

She had come back home on May 28 after working her overnight shift at Lakeland regional hospital. She said her son quickly reacted to a popping noise and ran into the back room where she was laying down to alert her.

“He really saved us ‘cause if he wouldn’t have seen it I may have just really fell asleep,” Ashley Godfrey said.

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When asked what happened that morning, Jordan said he didn’t know how the fire started but remembered he was scared.

“I said ‘you guys need to get out the house quick before all of us die,’” Jordan Bogart said.

According to the family, the fire started around the porch area and within two minutes it spread.

“Once I seen that the fire was already up into the roof portion of the back of the porch I just snatched my son up, my daughter must have sensed something was going on because she was running down the hallway when I turned around and I just snatched her up as well and I ran across the street,” the mom of two said.

The family said they had just moved into the house a few days prior to the fire after renovations had been completed inside.

“We lost everything. My children lost everything. All their clothes all their toys,” Ashley Godfrey said. “It’s very devastating, I mean we worked very hard to be able to renovate the house, for all the things for my children.”

Ashley Godfrey said the fire was due to an electrical spark, and for now, they’re staying at a rental property but getting back on their feet will take a while.

“We appreciate everyone who’s been so giving. We’re trying to rebuild and just trying to find a stable roof to put over their heads,” she said.

A family friend started a GoFundMe to help them get back on track and rebuild the home that was built by Ashley Godfrey’s grandparents several decades ago.

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