Researchers: Kitchen brushes are more hygienic than sponges

Brushes dry out and sponges stay wet and humid

Experts suggest the best way to know for sure your sponge is clean is to replace it every week. (WJXT)

Right now, in your kitchen sink do you have a sponge or a brush?

If you said sponge, listen up.

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Kitchen sponges hold on to a lot more bacteria than a kitchen brush does.

Researchers at a Norwegian food research institute say “a single sponge can harbor a higher number of bacteria than there are people on earth.”

We’re talking salmonella among other things.

This is mainly because the sponge stays wet and humid and it collects food residue which is prime pickings for bacteria looking to grow.

And it doesn’t really matter how often you clean that sponge or how often, bacterial growth is just hard to avoid in a wet sponge.

Brushes on the other hand dry out which means the bacteria dies.