🌱Top-tested lawnmowers: Gas vs. electric

Consumer Reports experts test dozens of options to help save you time and money

Maybe you’re looking for your first lawnmower or it’s time for an upgrade.

Whatever the case, Consumer Reports experts put dozens to the test to find the cream of the crop when it comes to performance and your budget.

In February, Consumer Reports experts left the snowy northeast to visit Florida... (for work, of course!)

Every mower goes through a series of tests. From how evenly the grass is trimmed, to how easy the mowers are to operate. Testers use the mowers in all the cutting modes – side discharge, bagging and mulching – to see how well they work and to make sure you’re getting what you pay for whether it’s a traditional gas-powered mower, or newer battery-powered technology that keeps getting better and cheaper.

“We’re seeing more and more battery powered mowers coming on the market that are at a lower price point but manage to compete in terms of performance with the better ones,” said Misha Kollontai with Consumer Reports.

The Greenworks MO80L421 self-propelled battery mower (recently marked down to $499 at Best Buy) earns top scores for evenness, mulching, and handling.

You’ll lose some bagging performance but save hundreds with this Green Machine GMSM6200 self-propelled battery mower (recently marked down to $381.65 at The Home Depot) which also offers very good mulching.

If you’ve got a smaller lawn or aren’t as concerned with recharge times, consider the Skil PM4910-10 battery push mower ($249 at Lowe’s) which delivers excellent cutting performance and mulching.

A final tip: Consumer Reports said unless you need to bag your clippings, mulching is actually better for your lawn because the clippings deliver nutrients, which means you can use less fertilizer and save water, too. Plus, you won’t have to dispose of all those clippings.

Not sure if a battery powered mower is right for you? Click HERE to use Consumer Reports’ gas versus battery mower comparison tool. You can adjust the chart based on the time it takes to mow your lawn, the cost of gas, and what type of mower you intend to buy.

Consumer Reports Tips for a Healthier Lawn

If you want more tips on maintaining a healthier lawn, the video below shares Consumer Report’s expert advice on keeping your grass lush and your mower in great shape, too.