6-foot alligator knocks on Brevard woman's door

Trapper captures smaller gator in nearby pond

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

VIERA, Fla. - A Brevard County woman says she got quite a scare when she found a 6-foot long gator laying on her front porch.

Marie Maxwell was cooking dinner while watching Jeopardy Saturday with her husband when they heard a knock at the door.

"With the TV up high, we thought there was someone at the door knocking," said Maxwell. "Then we listened again and it knocked again and I went and checked."

But it wasn't someone knocking, it was something. A reptile, in fact, and a pretty big one. At first she thought someone was playing a prank on her so she went around to her side window to get a better look.

"I was eye to eye with him and he never blinked. He just stared back at me and it was frightful," said Maxwell.

She called police, but before they could get there the gator scurried back into the pond behind her house. She often sees gators back there, but never though one would end up knocking on her front door.

"They would come to the back door. How he finagled his way to the front door is beyond me," she said.

A wildlife trapper came out Sunday and put what looked like a large pot roast on a rope in the pond. After a few days without any bites, things changed yesterday. The trapper pulled out a 4-foot gator from the pond, but Maxwell says it was smaller than the one who knocked on her door.

"I said no way is that the one I saw," she said.

A trapper will likely be out this weekend to set another trap as the hunt for the door-knocking gator continues.

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