Beryl drags boat from beach

Man watches catamaran swept away by waves

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Tropical Depression Beryl may be to blame for pulling a Brevard County man's boat out to sea.

Marc Josselson said one minute the boat was sitting behind his house on Crescent Beach Drive in Cocoa Beach. The next, it was sailing out in the ocean.

The boat was spotted about six hours later in the Atlantic Ocean about one mile east of the Cocoa Beach Pier. That's roughly seven miles from where it was swept away on Monday.

Josselson was preparing to take his 16-foot Hobi catamaran out for a sail on Monday to celebrate his 60th birthday.

"The tide was about five feet away from the boat and it was nearly high tide at that point so I didn't really think it was at risk, but obviously that was a costly mistake," said Josselson.

Josselson said he watched the surf turn rough, so he changed his mind about sailing. He walked back up to his house and was gone for about fifteen minutes when a witness said a huge wave crashed ashore.

"I got out there looking (for the boat) after just a minute or two after being told," said Josselson. "It was already 150 yards offshore at that point and I realized that there is no way I could swim out to get it in time."

Josselson said it was pretty upsetting to see his pride and joy sail away. He has spent hundreds of hours restoring the Hobi.

"So I guess even though I had decided not to sail, my boat was definitely going to sail today," said Josselson. "That wasn't quite the 60th birthday present you expected to get."

Josselson said he will be near the Cocoa Beach Pier first thing Tuesday morning, hoping the tide pushes the boat ashore.

If not, he'll have to hire a tow company to bring it back in.

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