Cars stolen from garages of College Park homes

Thieves strike in middle of day

COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - Bold burglars have stolen at least three cars from garages in and around College Park.

The most recent burglaries happened to two victims since Monday, during the middle of the day.

One homeowner tells Local 6 she is still getting over the shock.

"It feels (like) I'm violated," she said. "It's going take me a long time before I feel comfortable."

Too scared to show her face, the homeowner showed Local 6 the shattered glass left behind after burglars came through a glass door in her home Tuesday afternoon.

"As I went upstairs, every bedroom, all the drawers, my jewelry, everything -- stuff was everywhere," she said.

Beverly discovered the mess after picking up her child from school. Burglars took not only jewelry and electronics, but the brand new family car right out of the garage.

"My husband's new car was in the driveway, in the garage, but it was gone, so I knew right then and there something wasn't right," she added.

Thieves also broke into Susan and Leonard Gardberg's home in College Park Monday afternoon, stealing their cars while they went for their daily walk.

"We saw the garage door opened, which was closed. We saw both of our automobiles gone," says Leonard Gardberg.

It's not clear whether police believe the incidents are related, but both victims worry burglars may have been watching, knowing their daily routine and when to strike.

"It makes you want to move, that's what it makes you want to do," says Susan Gardberg.

Orlando police have yet to return Local 6's calls, but a police officer at one of the burglary scenes say they're still investigating.

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