Caught on camera: LYNX bus drivers texting on the job

Driver suspended for violating safety policy Friday

WINTER PARK, Fla. - A LYNX bus driver who was caught on video texting while passengers were on board has been suspended and will likely be fired, according to the bus agency.

A passenger sent Local 6 cellphone video of a driver texting while operating the Link 23 bus from Winter Park to Springs Village. Local 6 took the video to LYNX officials who confirmed the bus driver was texting while on his route.

The tipster said the bus driver stopped several times along his route on Friday morning. The driver is seen on the video standing behind the yellow line and getting on his phone.  The video shows the light was green before the driver got back behind the wheel.

Some LYNX riders believe that driver's actions put people in danger.

"It's LYNX policy not to be on the phone while you're operating a vehicle," Markus Davis said.

In fact, LYNX does have a strict policy banning drivers from texting or using their phones at all while on the bus.

Local 6 investigated after complaints from passengers of bus drivers using phones while behind the wheel. LYNX records show three drivers have been fired in the past year for violating company policy banning texting and driving, with this case signifying at least the fourth driver punished for failing to comply with safety rules.

Frequent bus riders are not surprised.

"I've seen it before, it's kind of sad.Not this bus driver, but I've seen other bus drivers do it. They've actually sat at the stop and been texting on their phones," said one rider who asked to remain anonymous. "You've got the lives of many many people that get on and off that bus all day, so I think he's got a really serious responsibility. Until they actually get in there and stop them, I guess there's not much we can do about it."

In the most recent case, LYNX reviewed its own bus-mounted cameras and suspended the driver on the spot and LYNX has a zero tolerance policy, so the driver will likely be fired.

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