Caught on video: Robber holds gun to woman's head at Sanford motel

Motel clerk held at gunpoint while her son watches

SANFORD, Fla. - A bold robbery caught on video shows a man break into a Central Florida motel and hold a gun to a woman's head.

Sanford police released the security video of the violent attack nearly two weeks after the man  robbed the Budget Inn on South Orlando Drive just before 11 p.m.

"It appeared that he had cased the joint and he's seen this woman was working alone," said Sanford Police Captain James McAuliffe. "It was very bold. A person that does this kind of crime, I can only anticipate becoming more bold as he goes on."

In the video, the man smashed through a glass door, hopped the counter and headed straight for the clerk in back office.

But the clerk was not alone. As the robber held a gun to her face, her young son watched just feet away. Police said the robber knew he was there and even stepped on the boy's homework to get his mom to open the register.

The robber then ducks when an SUV drives by the front window, which may have scared him.  The robber appeared to run off toward nearby apartments, but after that, police lost his trail.

Police fear the violent robbery may be repeated if the man is not caught soon. Despite wearing a black shirt around his face, police think a single clue may help catch him.

"One of his eyes appeared to have a bruise on it," said McAuliffe. "A guy with a black eye on Valentine's Day might stand out."

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