Child drowns in backyard pool

Second child hospitalized after being pulled from another pool

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County deputies and firefighters surrounded two pools children were pulled from Friday evening. The first drowning happened on Chalet Court in the Pine Hills area.

Deputies say an 18-month-old child was pulled from the family's pool around 3p.m. and they don't know how long the child was in the water for. Less than an hour later, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Around 7:00 Friday night, first responders performed CPR on a young boy pulled from an apartment complex pool by another child.

The boy was taken to Arnold Palmer by ambulance but his current condition is unknown.

"It's a shame. I feel so bad. I don't have any kids myself but it's so terrible to hear something like that happening to someone so young," said Justin Clark who watched as the ambulance pulled away from the Landmark at Stafford Landing apartments. He says the boy was face down in the pool.

"Since this has happened today we've all been talking about what kind of things we can do in the future to prevent something like this from ever happening again," said Clark.

Requiring young children to wear life vests and employing a lifeguard at the apartment complex pool are some of the ideas neighbors have discussed.

Joe Ryan was at the pool with his son just moments before this happened and used to be a lifeguard himself. "People see TV and they think kids are going to be splashing and saying help, help, pull me out! But that's just not what happens.

It's usually just really fast and you don't really notice it. So I say you just really need to be vigilant and kind of watching," said Ryan.

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