Company raising money to stockpile emergency housing

SAFEHUT trying to raise $1 million

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SANFORD, Fla. - A Sanford company is raising money to bring immediate emergency housing to victims of natural disasters.

Safehut Inc. manufactures portable emergency housing that folds up and down so it can be set up rapidly, and collapsed and reused just as easily.

The company began manufacturing the units earlier this year, and just this month launched the Safehut Campaign for Preparedness.

The goal is to raise $1 million in order to build an inventory of ‘Safehuts' for disaster response.

"If everyone that is susceptible to a hurricane, tornado, flood earthquake or wildfire donated one dollar we would exceed our goal hundredfold," said Sarah Smith, the company's Vice President.

Smith said the units being created from the campaign will not be sold for profit, they are strictly intended to answer a call for disasters.

To donate or learn more head to the campaign website.