Daytona Beach police seek purse thief

Theft caught on surveillance camera

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Daytona Beach police are looking for a purse thief who was caught on camera stealing from an SUV outside a home as the owner was unloading her groceries.

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Terri Hayes had just gotten home from work around 2 p.m. on Oct. 8, and left her car doors unlocked while taking grocery bags into her home.

On Hayes' home surveillance video, it takes just 20 seconds for the thief to pull into her driveway in a silver vehicle, hop out of the passenger side, peer into her SUV's windows, open a door, grab her purse and take off.

The man got away with Hayes' Social Security card, credit cards, hundreds of dollars of cash and irreplaceable pictures in her wallet.

"The picture of my mom and my brothers and sisters is on one side and my husband and our children and puppies on the other side," said Hayes, who is heartbroken over losing the pictures.

Just minutes before Hayes' purse was stolen, the suspect was caught on surveillance video at a 7-Eleven across the street from Hayes' home.

Hayes has since discovered her stolen credit cards were used at a Sunoco gas station and at a Pizza Hut for delivery to a Daytona Beach home.

No one answered Wednesday night when Local 6 knocked on the door to that home, but Daytona Beach police say the woman who lives there, Neisha Riley, told investigators that a friend of hers brought over some unknown male acquaintances and they were the ones who ordered the pizzas.

"I know I'll never get the cash back, credit cards have been cancelled, I'm not responsible for anything that was charged on there, but it would be nice to have the personal affects, which is the purse, the wallet and the pictures, returned," said Hayes.

Anyone who recognizes the man on the video is asked to call Daytona Beach police.

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