Fighting the fur: Local 6 puts pet hair removal products to the test

Furminator comes out on top, stops shedding problem at the root

By Kala Rama, Allison McGinley - News Director

SANFORD, Fla. - Type "pet hair remover" into Google and hundreds of thousands of products flood the screen vowing to magically rid your home of all hair and dander.

Local 6 put popular products to the test to see which ones work and which ones aren't worth the money.

Meet Boca.  She's a large golden retriever who sheds constantly. She sheds so much, her owner Kim Ouellette spends hours a week vacuuming.

This Dyson for pets is her go to tool.

"This is just from going over one rug. It's a bag full after a week," said Ouellette.

Ouellette and her husband, Brian, say they have spent a pretty penny on doing whatever it takes to keep the shedding in check.

"Thousands of dollars I'd say to be accurate," said Ouellette.

Local 6 asked the Ouellette family to test four products: the Magic Coat Hair Remover, the Scotch Fur Fighter, the Bissell Pet Eraser and the Furminator.

"This didn't pick up anything at all," said Ouellette.

She says the Magic Coat Hair Remover failed to pick up hair from clothing, carpeting and sofa as it promised to do on the packaging.

"I went over my upholstered sofa, and I really didn't even get one hair," said Ouellette.

The Scotch Fur Fighter is similar to a lint brush, but claims to pick up three times more embedded hair and says it is so effective you don't even have to vacuum.

Ouellette says she didn't think it was worth the $9 price tag.

"I wouldn't say this is the worst or the best. Maybe something as a lint brush, but I don't know if it is something I would go out and purchase," said Ouellette.

She says even though this is called the Bissell Pet Eraser, which is equipped with a special rubber nozzle designed to attract pet hair, Ouellette believes it's no better than a Dustbuster.

She said it wasn't great on tile because the back vent blows the hair like a tumble weed away and it wasn't good in corners. But, Ouellette said because it is light weight and could be used to get deep into crevices.

"I did use it between my sofa cushion and that did a good job and actually picked up a coin," said Ouellette.

Ouellette says there was one product she tested that did exactly what it claims, The Furminator.

"I would say the Furminator is hands down one of the best products not to eliminate, but help reduce the shedding with a large breed dog like a golden retriever," said Ouellette.

The Furminator is a metal comb and starts at the root of the problem grabbing all the loose hair.

"This one has a nice broad brush. And I do a couple swipes down Boca's back, and I push this button and it pushes the hair out of it," said Ouellette.

While she says it would take about two hours a week brushing Boca, the Furminator is meant to be a preventative measure so it could save you all that time cleaning. Ouellette says the Furminator is a keeper. It's $15 and works well for her.

Remember, expensive doesn't always mean better.  It's good advice to ask your pet store for help choosing the right product for your pet.

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