Flagler, Osceola counties to add deputies to all schools

Extra security pushed for elementary schools in wake of Sandy Hook shooting

Starting as early as next week, a Flagler County Sheriff's deputy will be at all of the 5 elementary schools to provide added security in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The move to get a deputy for the remainder of the school year will cost about $84,000 to $85,000. The sheriff's office will pay about 25 percent of the tab.

The plan will go until about the end of the school year, then the sheriff's office and school district will look into some alternatives, like using reserve deputies or hiring more people.

Some parents say it is a good idea, others say that the money could be used somewhere else.

Darla Ayodele works at the daycare at Bunnell Elementary, she said that she is relieved someone else will be keeping a close eye on her son.

"I'm glad that they're doing it," she said. "It makes you feel safe knowing that there is someone here."

Robert Turner, who also has a child at the elementary school, said he didn't see the need for it.

"I believe that they is such tight security as it is without a sheriff's deputy, that kind of issue would not happen here," he said.

Rob Kendall, with Bunnell Elementary told Local 6, "Our main goal is the safety of the kids and it means a lot to our community that we are all working together."

The addition comes after a mother paid $11,000 to add a deputy at her daughter's elementary school last month.

Meanwhile, in Osceola County, additional law enforcement will be added to all schools in the district through a school resource officer or through a shared plan.

Currently, all Osceola's middle, high, and K-8 schools have SROs on campus. In addition, several elementary schools share School Resource Officers.

The new plan expands the number of School Resource Officers by four so that all Osceola elementary schools can be part of the shared plan, increasing the presence of law enforcement on more campuses.

"Our local law enforcement agencies and the city and county governments have been instrumental in making this happen," said Superintendent Melba Luciano in a release.  "Their assistance and tremendous support when it comes to our students' and staff's safety have been remarkable.  We will continue to work collaboratively to ensure our children have safe places to learn and our employees have safe places to work."

The plan will be a collaboration with Osceola County Sheriff's Office, Osceola County Commission, Kissimmee Police Department, Kissimmee City Council and St. Cloud City Commission.

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