Girls say group involved in second bus brawl

District hopes to change bus protocol

OCALA, Fla. - Local 6 has learned that the two girls arrested in the bus attack last week where a girl was beaten unconscious were involved in another brawl on the same bus.

In November, six students at Liberty Middle School in Ocala were suspended by the assistant principal after a fight broke out between two groups of girls on the bus.

School officials say the district was not notified of the attack and they should have been. Their policy states the district and principal should be notified if a fight involves more than two students.

Parents say if the policy was followed properly after the first fight in November, it could have prevented last week's violent bus attack involving the same two girls.

"All I remember is there was a girl on top of me. I was surrounded by them all," MaryAnn Snyder said Friday.

Snyder,12,  said her head was pushed into a bus window so hard she suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital in November.

"They were hitting her. They hit her head on the window and she went unconscious," said Sabrina Snyder, MaryAnn's sister.

A fight broke out between two groups of girls. Sabrina said she was among the six girls temporarily suspended from the bus.

Sabrina said she jumped in to protect her sister.

"I got most of the beating because I covered my sister once she was unconscious, so I had bruises on my back," Sabrina said.

The sisters say they were jumped by two of the same girls arrested in a similar attack last week when a 13-year-old girl was beaten unconscious.

Reports show seven students circled around the 13-year-old kicking and punching her. She also suffered a concussion.

Now other students say they fear another attack may happen.

"They should be able to ride the bus and come to school without fearing for their lives," said Victoria Davis, Snyders' mother.

Last week's attack has prompted the district to reassess how they handle bus fights and how students involved should be disciplined.

The district hopes to decide how to make punishments for students involved in bus fights more consistent at each school.

School officials say the seven students involved in last week's attack are facing expulsion from school.

The State Attorney's Office is considering formal charges.



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