Hurricane force winds disrupt traffic, power

100 intersections lose power

ORLANDO, Fla. - Due to severe weather in Orlando, over 100 intersections were without power and many traffic signals were not working, police say.

Police said there are also several roads with branches and tree limbs, causing additional traffic concerns.

Authorities were manually directing traffic at some of the most major intersections in the city.

Drivers are being asked to treat intersections as 4-way stops if the street lights are not functioning.

Police are asking that

Anyone who does not need to be traveling was asked to avoid the roadways.

Police said they and city crews were working as quickly as possible to clear all roadways and return traffic control to normal.

Some intersections were expected to return to normal once power in those areas was restored.

Police in Windermere asked residents to stay indoors while the storm damage was being assessed by Progress Energy and authorities. Chief Ogden said power lines came down all over the area and he does not want any resident to put themselves in danger by getting too close to these potentially "hot" wires.

Police said Main Street in Windermere was cleared, but the police and city's email accounts are down due to power outages. 

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