Inspiration behind 'American Hustle' con-man lives in Titusville

Characters portrayed by Christian Bale, Amy Adams live in Titusville

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TITUSVILLE, Fla. - Two people portrayed by actors in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film "American Hustle" reside in Titusville according to Local 6 news partner Florida Today.

Mel Weinberg, 89, says he is a former con man who was involved with Abscam, a federal sting operation in the late 1970s and early '80s. Oscar-winner Christian Bale portrays Weinberg, renamed Irving Rosenfeld in the movie.

Best actress nominee Amy Adams plays Sydney Prosser in the movie, and she's based on Weinberg's third ex-wife, Evelyn.

Weinberg said he wasn't involved in the film's shooting, but he did sell his rights to the producers for more than $200,000.

Before "American Hustle," Weinberg's story was the basis for the book "The Sting Man" by Robert W. Greene.

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