Jahvaris Fulton 'not sure' screams on 911 call were his brother

Trayvon Martin's brother speaks

SANFORD, Fla. - For weeks, Trayvon Martin's family has insisted screams heard on a 911 call are those of their son, but for the first time, the teen's brother said he cannot verify his brother's voice.

"I've heard it, and I would think it was my brother, but I'm not completely positive that was him," said Jahvaris Fulton to WFOR-TV.

It's the first timehe has spoken about his brother Trayvon's death at the gated Sanford community. The interview comes after the shooter's family emerged from hiding. George Zimmerman's father and brother said Martin reached for the neighborhood watchman's gun during a struggle.

"I was listening to Zimmerman's father speak yesterday, and he said something like my brother was on top of his son said, 'You're going to die tonight.' That doesn't sound like my brother at all," said Fulton.

In an interview with CNN, Robert Zimmerman, Jr. defended recently released police video that shows the shooter handcuffed and with no obvious signs of injury. Zimmerman's brother told CNN medical records will show his brother has a broken nose.

"Well, I think he was just protecting his brother," said Fulton. "I think it sends the wrong message. It tells people that you know you can murder someone, no one sees it and you say self defense. That's essentially what happened."

Meantime, Sanford police prepared overnight for another protest scheduled for 11 Saturday morning, with a rally at the steps of the police station, with headline speakers to include the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Sharpton is expected to call for "civil disobedience" to escalate and for economic sanctions if Zimmerman is not arrested.

Local NAACP condemned Sharpton's comments calling for sanctions and are asking for tomorrow to remain peaceful.

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