Lawyer: Trayvon Martin's girlfriend heard altercation

Grand jury to review fatal shooting in Sanford neighborhood

SANFORD, Fla. - The attorney for a teenager fatally shot by a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford says the boy was talking to his girlfriend on his cellphone when the confrontation began.

Attorney Benjamin Crump said Tuesday that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was talking to the teenage girl as he walked through the neighborhood on the night of Feb. 26 when he was confronted by George Zimmerman. Crump says Martin told the girl Zimmerman was following him. She heard the beginning of the altercation but not the shooting.

"Her testimony shown on these phone logs connects the dots of this whole thing," Crump said. "She is traumatized beyond anything, as you can imagine, we were all teenagers so you can imagine how it feels."

Crump played the audio files of the girl, whose identity won't be released because of her age, where she says Martin was running back from 7-Eleven in the rain and he ran into a nearby apartment awning to get shelter. He then called her back at 6:54 p.m. and said he was walking with his hood up.

According to her audio testimony, she said Martin told her "I think this dude is following me," and slowed down to see who it was. She says she then told him to "be careful and just run home."

She said Martin tried to lose Zimmerman and thought he did. He then said "Oh he's right behind me again," according to her testimony, before asking Zimmerman "Why are you following me?"

She said she heard another voice say " What are you doing around here?" According to her audio testimony, the girl then said someone pushed Martin down because the headset for his phone fell off.

Martin's phone records were also been released Tuesday, which show times Martin made calls. According to the records, Crump said the last call Martin made before he was shot and killed was at 7:12 p.m. to the girlfriend, and they talked for four minutes. Sanford police records show they arrived on scene at 7:17 p.m., less than five minutes after she makes the phone call.

Records show Zimmerman's first call to authorities was at 7:09:34 p.m., followed by seven witness calls at 7:16:11, 7:16:41, 7:17:06, 7:17:15, 7:17:54, 7:18:00 and 7:19:04.

"What that tells us is there wasn't much time at all during this altercation and she was on the phone for fourĀ  minutes, this claim that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor is preposterous and it can't be allowed to stand because we have all the evidence now," Crump said.

Martin was returning to his father's fiancee's house after buying candy for his younger brother and an iced tea for himself.

Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defense and hasn't been charged. Martin was unarmed.

"The dots have all been connected, arrest George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin in cold blood today, arrest this killer," Crump said.

Crump also said the questioning of Martin's character and not Zimmerman's was unfair and unwarranted.

"A kid who's up to no good isn't constantly calling his friend back," Crump said. Records show Martin talked on his phone with his girlfriend around 400 minutes Sunday alone.

As a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, Zimmerman has called authorities 46 times since 2001, records show.

The FBI, state investigators and Sanford police are investigating, and a grand jury will review the case. At a March 26 city commission meeting, Martin's mother and father and their representatives will be allowed to address the city commission.

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