Masked driver shoots at officer after being issued ticket, Orlando police say

Suspect rode motorized scooter back to confront officer, police say

BALDWIN PARK, Fla. - Orlando police say a masked driver, who was apparently angered over being ticketed in Baldwin Park, rode a motorized scooter to confront and shoot at the officer.

Police said Sgt. Kevin Roberson was working a traffic enforcement detail Wednesday afternoon on Fox Street when he conducted a stop, issuing the driver, 63-year-old William Jasper Cates, a ticket for running a stop sign.

A short time later, Cates rode back to the area on a motorized scooter. The officer says Cates then returned a third time on the scooter and intentionally ran a stop sign in front of Roberson, according to police.

Police said they believe Cates was trying to lure the police officer into a dangerous situation.

When Roberson attempted to stop Cates, who was wearing a ski mask, Cates then crashed, according to police. They said Roberson went over to check on Cates and Cates started to fight Roberson.

According to the arrest report, Roberson punched Gates in the face three times and Gates still tried to get away.

The report says Gates pulled out a gun and fired two shots, missing Roberson, and the struggle continued.

Roberson pulled out his gun, and put it to Gate's head, and ordered him to "drop the gun," according to the report.

Gates listened, but according to the report, Roberson realized the gun was still in arms reach. Roberson got up and kicked Gates in the face, to "stop the deadly force situation," according to the report.

The attack happened in front of Sandra Bailey's doorstep. One of the bullets even hit just above her front window.

"The officer had one handcuff on him and he was trying desperately to get the other handcuff on him and he wouldn't take his hand out from underneath him to put hand behind his back," says Bailey.

Bailey told Local 6 it could have ended much worse, despite the damage to her home.

"It can be fixed, no one got hurt, the officer's good, he's fine. He was doing his job and got out without getting hurt."

No one was shot and Cates was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with minor injuries from the struggle.

"We're very fortunate that no one was shot," said Orlando police Sgt. Jim Young.  "We're thankful that the sergeant's OK.  This could have been a tragic incident today for the community and the Orlando Police Department."

Cates faces numerous charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

On Thursday ,officers said Cates admitted to them what he did, while speaking to them in the hospital. He also apologized, according to Sgt. Young.

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