Melbourne police officer delivers 'beautiful' surprise for student

Girl receives new shoes, socks from officer, teachers say

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

MELBOURNE, Fla. - It was a routine school check-up for one Melbourne Police officer last Tuesday. He'd made his rounds around Croton Elementary School in Melbourne, passing hundreds of students until one first grade girl -- and her shoes -- caught his attention.

"Her shoes -- the bottoms of them were flapping because they were so worn," said school nurse Susan Vazzana. "He asked one of the office staff if it would be okay if he could bring her some sneakers, and he did."

He bought her two pairs -- one set pink, the other orange -- plus matching socks, after finding out that the school didn't have the girl's size in their supply box.

Vazzana said the officer walked in with a Walmart bag and put the shoes on her himself.

"He was so willing, and then he told us he was a dad and that he had girls. He did a great job shopping and made her day. She was thrilled," said Vazzana.

Vanazza said the girl then gave the officer a big huge and told him, "These are beautiful."

"It's wonderful. Everybody is touched. You've got a bunch of ladies here and we're absolutely touched to the core about it," said Vazzana.

Since the community found out about that officer's good deed, the school's had several calls from folks wanting to make donations.

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