Miracle baby, Miranda, celebrates first birthday

Local 6 cameras capture moment doctors clear Miranda to eat solid foods

By Lauren Rowe , Allison McGinley - News Director

DELTONA, Fla. - Like every doting mom and dad, Miguel and Esperanza Rivera marvel at their baby girl's smallest accomplishments.

"Little things is what we thrive on and that's just part of the blessing," said Miguel Rivera.

A blessing because Miranda has had to face so many more challenges than most.

Born 17 weeks early, she measured under 12 inches long.

"I was afraid of holding her, I was like okay one hand? Two hands," said Esperanza Rivera.

She's more than a handful today. Weighing a solid 15 pounds and full of spunk.

"She wants to stand and she wants to play the piano on her own, hold her toy by herself, she's like push push away, she's already showing signs of independence," said Miranda's mom.

This month, Local 6's cameras were there to witness a major milestone for Mirada as she went back to Arnold Palmer Hospital for a test to see if she was ready to eat on her own.

"She got it, oh my goodness," said Esperanza Rivera as she watched her baby girl safely eat a spoonful cereal. 

With one swallow Miranda proved yet again how strong she is.

Until now, Miranda relied on a feeding tube to get the nutrients she needs.

And just days after the test, mom and dad took out the video camera to document Miranda's first real meal; oatmeal and bananas.

The family is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with Miranda joining them at the table.

"We're having a big Thanksgiving dinner with the family coming over and maybe she'll have some turkey with us," said Miguel Rivera.

He jokes and smiles. After all, he and his wife have plenty of reasons to be full of joy and Thanksgiving.

"You want to talk about Thanksgiving that was the best thing I could be grateful for is Miranda being born and making it so far and continuing to progress and hit milestones, unbelievable," said Miguel Rivera.

Miranda will celebrate her first birthday on November 25, and now that she's allowed to eat solid food we're sure there's a slice of cake in her future.


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