New gym concept promises no judgment

Founder says no scales, mirrors lead to confident weight loss

MAITLAND, Fla. - Gyms are busy three weeks into 2013, as Americans resolve to make this the year they shred unwanted pounds.

A local woman is trying to make the process easier by opening a gym with no scales, no mirrors and no judgment. Its members say it offers them the chance to get comfortable in their own skin.

Leanne Ellington, owner of Not Your Average Gym in Maitland, spent her whole life trying to figure out the game of fitness and fat loss.

"I tried everything, every gym, every contraption, every weight loss program. I first joined Weight Watchers when I was seven, okay, so I have been around the block on this whole scene," said Ellington.

She calls all of her failures lessons that have allowed her to create her perfect gym.

Ellington is passionate at getting her 80 plus clients to reach their goals. She said she creates a personalized plan for each of her members catering to their work schedules, food preferences and life style.

The atmosphere alone sets the tone of the gym.

"We wanted to set up an atmosphere where you can go and not feel self conscious and not worry about what you look like. Focus on yourself this is a judgment free zone," said Ellington.

Daniella Pitts, one of Ellington's members, leads a hectic life as a mom of four-year-old twins.

"I was tired of being tired. I was fed up and I wanted to start focusing on me because I lost me," said Pitts.

She has lost more than 50 pounds, and said she has better mobility and form than ever before.

"The exercises we do here, they can be hard, but it's how hard you push yourself. It's not about being a certain size. It's about being fit."

But more importantly, Pitts said she's happy.

"I am confident. I am a go getter now," said Pitts.

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