New State Road 429 extension opens Saturday

SR 429 changing to SR 451 causes confusion for drivers

APOPKA, Fla. - Signs are already up for the finishing touches of SR 429. Though the extension, which opens Saturday, will shave some time off Apopka residents' commute, new road names might cause some confusion.

For drivers heading west to Mount Dora or Zellwood, stay in the left lane and follow signs for SR 429 and SR 441. The confusion starts at the portion of SR 429 north of SR 414. That part of the road has been renamed SR 451. Drivers need to stay in the right lane to head that way.

"You're gonna have lost people...especially in an area where you have an elderly population," said Dennis Rohan, who has elderly parents living in that area.

Even with the confusion, many residents are happy with the new extension and say that it will make their daily commutes easier and faster.

"I'm a college student at Seminole State College and use the Altamonte campus quite often," said local resident April Phillips. "And I've been having to come down to 441 and get on 429 to get to school that way, but that drops right off at my house so it will be easier to get to school now."

The Expressway Authority already has signs up directing drivers heading toward Maitland or Apopka to use SR 451. Drivers who are used to traveling that direction on SR 429 need to remember that the only thing changing is the name and that the road still ends at SR 441. People who are driving south from SR 441 can use either SR 429 or SR 451.

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