New system may revolutionize senior home health care

'Save A Senior' learns patterns, alerts when it senses trouble

By Paul Giorgio - Producer

SANFORD, Fla. - An Orlando company is bringing new technology to Central Florida, that it says, will add years to seniors independence.

People like 103-year-old Sanford resident Irving Jacobson. Jacobson, who lives in an apartment adjacent to his daughter, relies on the system to keep him safe.

Joy Winters, his daughter, had the system installed last month.

"He's been falling a lot the last couple of years," she said. "This system makes me feel more secure, if God forbid he falls and can't communicate, he can't push a button or he can't get to the phone this system being a motion sensor will detect that he's not in his bed or he's not in his chair. There could be trouble."

The system uses sensors placed throughout Jacobson's home that monitor his every move. Motion sensors are placed on the walls and doors. Pressure sensors are under cushions in his bed and favorite chair. Over time they remember patterns of behavior.

If patterns change, or movement stops, a call is placed to the home. If the call isn't answered or trouble is detected by the operator, caregivers are alerted. 

Save A Senior CEO Dennis Lewis says it's a way to give seniors a sense of independence while still keeping them safe.

"It uses artificial intelligence and sensors to protect seniors who live by themselves. It can automatically detect if they have fallen, if they've lost consciousness," Lewis said. "They don't have to wear anything. They don't have to push buttons. There's no cameras, no microphones, no body's watching. It's just a very non-invasive way to make sure they stay safe at home." 

Lewis says Save A Senior is perfect for anybody that lives alone.

"What we don't realize is how difficult and expensive growing old has become," Lewis says, "Everything we can do to help people stay in their homes, keep that independence, keep that spirit that Mr. Jacobson has alive it's great for them it's great for their families." 

The device costs $1,695 to install and $100 a month to monitor. For more information go to

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