Officials prepare for Amway Arena implosion

New details released for road closures, noise expectations

ORLANDO - Construction officials are preparing for the implosion of the Amway Arena, by running test runs.

The arena will be imploded at 7a.m. on March 25, in a project that's estimated to cost $2 million.

Contractors will implode the roof and the center of the building inward, using a series of controlled explosives over a span of about 10 to 15 seconds. People in the area can expect to hear a series of "bangs" similar to a July 4th firework display. 

"It'll take fifteen to twenty seconds from the time that the button is pushed to the time that the roof is on the ground," said Sean Flanagan with ZMG construction. Flanagan's group has been preparing for the demolition since last December.

When the implosion is over, which could take about an hour for the dust to settle, the four corners of the arena and the columns that supported the roof system will still be standing.  Those areas will then be demolished.

Roads will also be closed the morning of the implosion starting at 5 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Closures include Parramore Avenue between Robinson Street and Colonial Drive, Concord Street and Amelia Street between Parramore Avenue and Hughey Avenue, Hughey Avenue between Colonial Drive and Livingston Street, and Livingston Street between Hughey Avenue and Parramore Avenue.

A viewing area will be set up for people in the community to watch the implosion.  It will be located on Colonial Drive on the north side of Lake Dot.

Once completely demolished, the city is expected to create what's known as its Creative Village, which will focus on digital media and high-tech businesses. It will also be designed to include mass transit for people who live and work downtown, tripling the length of the bus route.

Crews said 90 percent of the Amway Arena will be recycled after the implosion.