Orange City police catch 2 pit bulls sought in animal killing spree

Authorities searching for 1 more dog in slaughtering of goats, cats

ORANGE CITY, Fla. - Volusia County Animal Control officers say they have caught two of the three dogs sought in a killing spree of animals.

Police said two of the pit bulls were caught Sunday afternoon off of South Orange Avenue in Orange City. A third is still on the loose. Police said they believe the dogs were the same ones that attacked five goats and are also killing cats in the area.

Harold Sauer is a property caretaker in the Orange City neighborhood off Wisconsin Avenue near 17-92. He said he heard a commotion near a goat pen Friday morning and discovered a horrible scene. Five goats were slaughtered in their pen. Three pit bulls were also in the pen.

Sauer told Local 6 the dogs then started to go after him, but he ran to a phone and called 911.

Sauer said a baby goat that was still alive came out from hiding behind a shed when a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy arrived. That's when one of the pit bulls attacked it, right in front of their eyes, Sauer said.

"I asked the (deputy) to shoot (the dog) and he says, 'I can't, I can't get in trouble,'" said Sauer. "But I even asked him, 'Well, let me have the gun; I'll shoot the damn thing.'"

"I'm devastated," said Patricia Brock, who owned the goats.

When Brock heard all the commotion, she came outside and said the dogs started stalking her. The pit bulls eventually took off and Brock ran to the goat pen.

"As soon as I got to the gate, to the farm gate, I saw my six babies just laying here," said Brock.

Deputies, Orange City police and Animal Control tried to track down the dogs for hours on Friday. At one point, a neighbor called saying the dogs were cornering his horse, but they took off before being caught.

"These are vicious dogs. You can't let this get out of control where they're actually going to attack a kid there's a lot of kids. There's three kids that live in this house over here," said Sauer.

Police said the dogs are most likely strays and they will be euthanized.

Brock and Sauer Local 6 that Animal Control told them they've been getting complaints about dogs killing cats in this area. Brock and Sauer said they wish they had been alerted, so they could have protected the goats.

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