3,212 pounds of pot seized in Orlando

36 charged in suspected Jamaican drug ring

ORLANDO, Fla. - Law enforcement officials filed charges Thursday morning against 36 defendants who they say were members of a major Jamaican drug ring.

[PHOTOS: Drug agents seize over 3,000 pounds of pot]

Working together, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, the Orange County Sheriff's Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers charged the suspects with racketeering and conspiracy, money laundering and cannabis trafficking. They also say that members of the ring had been involved in violent crimes such as homicide, armed robbery and firearms violations.

Suspects include Wayne St. Clair Reid, Charmaine Roman and Mark Reed, who law enforcement officials allege to be the leaders of the organization. MBI agents believe that Roman was responsible for laundering millions of dollars for the organization over the years, which they are still currently investigating.

Officials reported that they first became of aware of the organization in 2006. They say the group is responsible for smuggling thousands of pounds of marijuana into Central Florida from Mexico, using houses in Pine Hills and warehouses in West Orlando as "stash houses" and bases of operations.

During the investigation, officers said they seized over 3,212 pounds of cannabis, $200,000 in cash, 10 firearms and six vehicles. Cops anticipate more arrests as the investigation continues. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crimeline at 407-423-8477.

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