Authorities release 911 calls in Central Fla. man's threats to President Obama

Terrence Bonney, 53, arrested for misuse of 911 system

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - For the second time in less than a week, Secret Service agents were called to investigate threats made against President Barack Obama by Central Floridians.

On Saturday, Orange County deputies said Terrence Bonney, 53, placed five angry calls to 911 to express his feelings about government, law enforcement and President Barack Obama.  It came at the same time that Obama was in the area giving campaign speeches.

The 911 calls were released on Tuesday. You can listen to the full calls at the links below.

[Warning, content may be graphic | Call 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]

Secret Service agents were sent to investigate, and deputies arrested Bonney for misusing the 911 system. Bonney told Local 6 as he was leaving jail that he called 911 because of a dog.

"Yes, because of a homeless dog I was trying to help," Bonney said.

Neighbors, however, said he should have been in jail years ago.

"Big problem man, big problem he is always screaming," said neighbor Sam Ortiz. "You don't know what to expect from people like that."

The inappropriate 911 calls were enough for his arrest, but while being booked into jail, deputies said he yelled, "It's like I shot JFK" and "I guess you can't threaten the president."

Then, he told deputies about a picture of Obama in his house.

"It's a picture of Obama with a noose around his head, with a bullet hole in the center of his forehead," said Bonney's neighbor, Michael Gatten, who believes Bonney has the potential to be violent.

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"For me, it's a hundred times worse than the president," said Gatten. "He's made statements like, 'I'll destroy you and your family.'"

Gatten said he endures similar behavior year-round from his neighbor's lawn ornaments, which consist of bloodied troll dolls impaled on stakes and Christmas inflatable toys defiled with swastikas.

"I have an 8-year-old daughter and she doesn't need to hear the words he yells at me and my family and she doesn't have to see swastikas on the front lawn," said Gatten.

As far as the sheriff's office is aware, Bonney has not been in any real trouble before this threat against the president.

Bonney told deputies he did not intend to hurt the president.

Last week, a Tavares police officer was placed under investigation after a Facebook comment was posted on her page referencing past presidential assassins.

Officer Sarah Coursey is under investigation after the Tavares Police Department received an email Thursday night, as Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention, about the comment, which stated, "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth when you need them!?!? :)"

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