Better Business Bureau warns about new scam

Crooks are pretending to offer you 'secret shopping' opportunity

ORLANDO, Fla. - Now that people are starting to think about shopping for the holidays, the Better Business Bureau says crooks are out to get your money.

The agency just put out a warning a secret shopper scam.

The BBB says con artists are sending out e-mails that look like they're from Walmart or other stores.

The e-mail offers you a chance to secretly go into those stores and review them.

But, to get paid for being a so-called secret shopper, the scammers want you to first send in a check to cover processing fees.

That can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

In the end, the whole thing is bogus, and you lose all the money you sent in.

So the BBB says, if you get any e-mails like that, delete them right away.

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