Bullet shot into UCF student's home

Shot fired at The Lofts apartments, says student

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - A UCF student says she is in fear for her life after someone fired a bullet into her home.

Cara Castellana, 20, told Local 6 she was cooking in her kitchen when the bullet came tearing through her living room window at The Lofts apartments.

It happened around 4:30 Saturday afternoon. The apartments are located just north of Alafaya Trail and Colonial Drive, a couple miles south of UCF.

"I saw the debris and glass on the floor and I looked up and I saw the bullet hole. After that, I went and locked myself in the closet and called 911," said Castellana.

The UCF sophomore's window was shattered and so was her sense of security. Castellana is now living with friends while she looks for a new place to live and refuses to walk by herself to class.

"If I had finished cooking five minutes earlier, I could be dead. I could have been dead, it could have gone straight through my head," said Castellana.

The window's glass has since been replaced, but you can still see the bullet hole in the screen.

Castellana says not knowing where the bullet came from or why her apartment was shot is a nightmare.

Her family is even offering a $1,000 reward on Facebook to get to the bottom of the shooting mystery.

"Just not knowing if there's somebody out there who's trying to hurt me or harm me in any way is just awful," said Castellana.

Castellana and her family are hoping that someone may have heard or seen something Saturday afternoon and will call Crimeline.

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