Family devastated after married couple killed in Orlando crash

Troopers say drunk driver crashed into couple's car stopped at light

ORLANDO, Fla. - There were new details Wednesday night about the crash that killed a married couple after troopers say a drunk driver crashed into their car stopped at a light.

For the first time the family of the newlywed couple is talking after hearing that troopers say this driver was so drunk he didn't even know he had crashed.

Emotions pour out as Julissa Batista talks to Local 6 about the death of her baby sister and brother-in-law.

"My sister dead my brother in law's dead, his family is devastated, my family is devastated," Batista said.

Giselle Batista, 24, and Benjamin Frias, 30, were stopped in their car at a red-light when deputies said Alejandro Correa, who was driving drunk, slammed into them from behind.

FHP said Correa was driving at high speeds when he hit the couple and no skid marks were found at the scene, indicating he didn't even try to stop.

Batista found out about her sister's death on Instagram.

"I saw that picture and my heart dropped because in my mind, I never would have thought my sister would pass away from someone being irresponsible," said Batista.

Correa posted bail on Monday, but Local 6 has learned from FHP that Correa was so intoxicated he thought he was getting a speeding ticket and was unaware of being in a crash.

"I'm angry for him being irresponsible for not thinking about the consequences of his actions, I'm very angry for that," said family member Marisol Gomez.

Although the family is upset, they'll remember the newlywed couple in happier times. The pair loved entertaining, playing dominoes, and spending time with their 4-month-old son, Emmanuel.

"They're going to remember her with a smile," said Batista. "My sister was never a sad person, and Ben was never in a bad mood either."

As for the driver who took her loved ones, she said she wants him to pay.

"I don't want him to walk away because he took my sister and my brother-in-law. He took a part of my heart," said Batista.

The family also said the pair will donate their organs.

FHP said will Correa will receive a 30-day driving permit until he has an administrative hearing, which is separate from criminal proceedings, where it will be decided whether they want to suspend his license.

Correa will now be charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of DUI manslaughter.

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