Family of missing Lake Jesup boaters still hopeful

Charlie Jackson, Michael Cobb's families thankful for support

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

OVIEDO, Fla. - Volunteers are back out on the waters of Lake Jesup for the 5th day. Family members say they are being briefed by wildlife officials twice a day, but in the meantime, they are taking every measure to find any signs.

It is day five of the search for Charlie Jackson and Jason Cobb. Jason Cobb's father, Michael Cobb, said, "It's going to be more sonar and air support."

While wildlife officials are calling this a recovery mission now, volunteers are still going by land looking for any signs of the two men, who disappeared early Saturday morning. Volunteers have divided the lake into zones, hoping not to miss a single section.

Amanda Goodwin, Jason Cobb's sister, said, "No one understands how hard this is for the two families unless you've been there. No one ever wants to go through this, but we are going through it."

Family members say they find comfort in the overwhelming support. Everything from the food, to the water, to the RVs have been donated.

Charlie Jackson's sister-in-law, Kristen Jackson, said "On behalf of both families we'd like to say thank you to Black Hammock Fish Camp, Lauren Ericson, Tara, RJ, and Chris for coordinating the search parties,  Sea Plane-Ron Bishop, Susie, Chuck, and Dave Dobson for the RVs."

This includes several other businesses like JetBlue who have donated food and drinks.

Mother, Shirley Walker, said, "It has brought everybody together. It's overwhelming and it makes our heart explode."

Goodwin said, "The search is not over and we're going to be out here until we bring them home."

But, while they haven't seen many signs, they still have faith.

"There is hope, prayers please," said Goodwin.

Every day, there have been fewer and fewer volunteers out on the waters, according to family members, but they say they understand people have to head back to work. The families say they want to thank everyone for their efforts.

They say we could see the search end by the end of the week.

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