Florida doctor comes up with cellulite solution

80 percent of women say they wish they could get rid of cellulite

By Allison McGinley - News Director

ORLANDO, Fla. - It may only be January,  but in Florida it's never too early to start thinking about shorts and bathing suits, and that's when a lot of women start looking for a cellulite solution.

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In fact, when asked what bothers a woman most about her body-- 80 percent will complain about cellulite.

Doctors say it's caused by fibrous bands under the skin that pull on pockets of fat.

Florida dermatologist Leslie Bauman believes she's found a solution-- a one two punch that leads to a smoothing of the skin.

Bauman starts with a radiofrequency device called the Venus Legacy.

"What's special about radiofrequency is you can determine the depth of where the heat goes and you apply the heat to the skin and it doesn't hurt it's kind of like a hot stone massage," said Bauman.

She then combines that laser treatment which break down the fat with a retinol-based topical solution called Resolution Cellulite which thickens the skin.

"If you thicken the skin it helps keep the skin taut so if it does come back you don't see it, it disguises it," said Bauman.

Results from the radiofrequency can be seen immediately but it typically takes four treatments to see dramatic improvement.

Once combined with the topical solution women reported seeing more permanent changes in skin texture after eight weeks.

Cellulite typically appears after puberty so the key to limiting its development is staying active so the best and least expensive solution is exercises that build muscle like lunges.

They can help smooth the surface of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

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