Florida pizza delivery man rescues abused dog

Orange County Animal Services renames dog Pupperoni

By Shannon McLellan - Social Media Producer

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County Animal Services has renamed a dog Pupperoni after a pizza delivery man saved the injured 3-month-old puppy while on the job.

Central Florida authorities were notified on Sunday of the animal abuse victim by a pizza delivery man after he spotted the injured puppy at the home where he was making a delivery, according to a release.

Animal Services said it responded to the call and the owner surrendered the puppy to authorities. The owner claimed that his dog had sustained the injury from another dog in the neighborhood. The investigation is pending.

The puppy was renamed Pupperoni by Animal Services as a nod to the hero who made the call.

Pupperoni was found with an untreated injury that may have resulted in an infection to her leg, officials said. She is unable to bear weight on the leg and it may need to be amputated.

"Despite her injuries, Pupperoni is still a friendly, outgoing pup seeking companionship and attention," said Dil Luther, division manager of Orange County Animal Services. "We cannot stress enough the importance of reporting animal abuse and neglect as these victims cannot speak for themselves."

Animal Services said Pupperoni will be treated for the next several weeks before being put up for adoption.

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