Frontier Airlines to lay off hundreds of workers nationwide

Spokesperson says company will outsource 700 jobs nationwide

ORLANDO - Hundreds of airline workers were told late Tuesday that they may lose their jobs at Frontier Airlines, including employees in Orlando.

Kate O'Malley, a Frontier spokeswoman, told Local 6, the company announced it will outsource roughly 700 jobs nationwide to a third-party vendor as part of an effort to reduce costs.

The layoffs include gate agents, ticket counter and ramp workers. This includes Orlando International Airport and all 28 locations around the country, except for the company's headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

"We need to take every reasonable measure to ensure the future stability and viability of our company and to keep our costs low for our customers," said O'Malley in an email to Local 6 Tuesday night.

The company previously announced customers will have to pay extra if they book their ticket on another website other than Frontier. The company filed for bankruptcy in recent years.

O'Malley said 60 percent of the company's workers are already being outsourced.

It is currently unclear exactly when the last day will be for the workers losing their jobs in Orlando.

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