Get live TV on your smartphone, thanks to new device

DyleTV lets you watch live sports, soap operas, Local 6 News

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ORLANDO, Fla. - There's a new device out there that can turn your iPhone or Android into the television you watch at home.

We're talking about bringing live TV with you, no matter where you are. It gives you everything from sports, to soap operas, to Local 6 News, live on your phone.

It's called DyleTV, and the company that makes it says it'll change the way you watch television.

"It's so simple to use, and so easy to use, that I think it's very quickly going to become very useful to everyone," says Skip Valet, Vice President and General Manager of Local 6 News.

DyleTV has been around for about a year, but it just broke into the Orlando market.

The secret to getting live television on the go is a small antennae, known as a "dongle".

"You get the dongle, you attach it to your cell phone, and you can watch us anywhere you go," says Valet. "You don't need anything except your smartphone to be charged up, and to plug the product into the bottom, and there you go."

You also have to download a free app, called EyeTV Mobile. After that, you're all set to watch live television.

"You don't have to miss sports, you don't have to miss your favorite soaps, newscasts. It doesn't break up, the signal is rock solid, it's like watching our regular television station," says Valet.

And the best part -- because it goes off our broadcast signal, DyleTV doesn't use 3G or Wi-Fi, and it doesn't eat into your data minutes.

Another benefit could come during severe weather. If you lose power at home, DyleTV will still work on your phone.

"This could actually turn out to be a life-saving tool for somebody in our audience," says Valet. "In the time of an emergency, you plug this in, your cell phone is charged up, you lose power in your home, you can still watch the hurricane coverage."

At this point, DyleTV is only available for a few channels in Orlando, including Local 6. But the company says that more could be on the way.

The technology works on both iPhones and Androids.

And again, the EyeTV Mobile app is free. But the "dongle" itself, made by the company, Elegato, costs around $100 on

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