Giant oak tree topples onto house in downtown Orlando

Homeowner says he was mowing lawn minutes before the tree fell

ORLANDO, Fla. - An giant oak tree in downtown Orlando was uprooted on Sunday and nearly demolished the roof of a house on Mills Avenue.

The tree started to fall just minutes after homeowner Lee Mason finished mowing his lawn right underneath the gigantic oak.

"I was mowing the lawn and went inside 5 minutes before it fell, so I would have been right under it," Mason said. "It's a lot of tree, so I feel blessed I wasn't there at the time it fell."

It wasn't storming when the tree toppled, but neighbors believe it was the recent rain that weighed the tree down and the roots couldn't hold the weight up the tree upright any longer.

Tree experts say the weather had nothing to do with the tree falling down and that it was just maintained improperly. Neighbors tell Local 6 it's the city that maintained it.

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