Help Local 6 track traffic with 'Waze'

Smartphone app turns traffic into social network

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 is teaming up with Waze to add another tool to our arsenal of traffic-gathering technology.

The free app turns your daily drive into a social network experience by allowing you to connect with thousands other drivers on the road.

The app shows you the various "Wazers" throughout Central Florida. Some of them have their own user names, others remain anonymous. The app keeps track of your speed so other drivers can see how fast traffic is moving through any given area.

The Waze maps also highlight traffic jams and alert you to any slowdowns along your route. The app will even offer ways to get around them.

The app also allows Wazers to take it one step further by reporting problems like crashes, construction zones and red-light cameras. Wazers can also upload pictures.

Waze is voice-activated, so users don't have to text and drive. 

Click here to download the free Waze App.

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