High-tech changes coming to bank ATMs

After-hour tellers, bill pay and $10 bills are now options

By Eryka Washington - Investigative Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Big changes are likely to come to a bank near you.

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Automated teller machines are getting upgrades, tossing old technology in favor of redesigned kiosks that will allow you do more -- and without waiting in that teller line.

Many upgraded ATMs now allow customers to have face-to-face conversations with a teller after hours, thanks to a built-in video conference system.

These "screen" tellers can handle about 95 percent of typical bank transactions.

"Now, that expert, whether that be a loan consultant or a financial planning consultant, can be available across a widely dispersed geography," said Frank Natoli, chief innovation officer of Diebold Inc.

Many machines will soon have touch screens that can work with our smartphones, allowing new apps to help zip cash to you as quickly as you can snap a picture.

"To be able to take your mobile phone and to pre-stage a transaction on mobile and then able to go up to the ATM and very, very quickly finish that transaction," said Natoli.

You'll also be able to pay bills, send money to friends and request to increase your ATM limit 24 hours a day.

So does all this mean the end of the traditional teller?

Experts say not yet, as there are still some transactions you need to do in person.

"It's really shifting the job of a teller, not eliminating it, because they're still there for customers with questions about their needs and can refer products and services as well," said Susan Doyle, vice president of bank operations for North Shore Bank.

Another improvement that may be even more exciting than paying bills at the ATM? Credit unions and banks are starting to load ATMs with ones, fives and $10 bills. It's one more development that might keep you from that teller line.

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