Hot holiday gift for tech lovers: Smart Watch

Watch takes calls, messages and photos, and oh yeah-- tells time

By Eryka Washington - Investigative Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Ebony Adside works at Best Buy at Mall of Millennia, "It's been crazy, everyone is really excited about the watch being in the store," she said of the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Watch. It has been flying out the door. 

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The first week it sold out. The face is about an inch in width, the band is rubber and clasp made of steel. It doesn't sound special, but it's what this watch can do that's all the rage.

Adside described what makes this smart watch so unique.

"Rather than having your phone out with you all the time, you can just have the Galaxy gear on your wrist and you will receive all the notifications that you receive on your phone on this little screen," Adside said.

The new smart watch can do everything from checking the weather, to dialing a number and, of course, there is a 1.9 mega pixel camera. The lens is located right on the wrist band.

"If I want to take a picture, I just tap that and I actually have the camera being displayed right there," Adside said.

There is a gallery where you can see pictures, media controller for your music and a voice memo.

Adside said the voice memo is convenient, especially if you don't have pen and paper handy.

"If I wanted to record a voice memo, I can say, 'remember to buy milk today," and when I pick up my Galaxy Note 3, it will have that memo written on my device," explained Adside.

There is even an app for fitness gurus.

Keep in mind the Samsung Smart Watch is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Note 3 phone. And in order for your smart watch to work, the phone must be close by.

The smart watch will cost your $299. The phone is $349 with a contract.

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