Is the Internet ruining your brain?

Information overload can raise stress levels, decrease creative capacity

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Internet users worldwide spend a collective 35 billion hours of time online every month, according to an infographic compiled by, a blog and information site dedicated to the field of forensic psychology.

The site asserted that as a result of constant use of the Internet, users are incessant multitaskers who use multiple email windows and websites at the same time.

According to the research, the multitasking causes people to get stressed out and they are unable to problem-solve and creative thinking diminishes.

Another problem is the prevalence of information at users' fingertips all the time, with search engines such as Google.

The research said that Internet users visited Google 7.2 billion times a day, and made 3 billion queries. 

The site implied that people no longer store information in their brains or have a need to remember it, because it is known that any amount of information can be 'Googled' at any given time.

The infographic also detailed the growth of social networking, and claimed that users spend a collective eight hours a month on the site.

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